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Our Services

MDA Construction will provide modern and sleek designs as well as install the most eco-friendly materials such wood flooring, solar panels, water efficient toilets, bathtubs, and showers, double glazed windows. Each home will be renovated according to Code 4 Sustainable Homes Standard, which means it meets certain energy efficiency 

Interior Projects

Our room renovation will

include functional and up-to-code components, updated fixtures, rearranging the space, painting walls, installing new flooring, or installing great amenities like specialty lighting fixtures, overhead lighting, and built-in closets (for bedrooms).

marble tiles
Interior Projects

Our bathroom remodels are as simple or complex as they need be; from master bathrooms to half bathrooms, to bathroom additions and master suites. We will provide a team of expert bathroom installers, plumbers, tilers, painters & decorators, handymen to take up each size renovation project and increase the space and improve the design of the bathroom, or any other room in the home or deal with professional decoration and painting of the walls. Our service is all-inclusive – we design, build, fit, and provide maintenance works.

Some of the bathroom fitting services we offer our Clients:

Fully bespoke bathroom extensions

Cabinetry and Mirrors

Ample flooring: including tile, marble, hardwood and heated flooring

Pedestal tubs, vanity sinks and high-efficiency toilets



We believe in integrating the latest in construction and engineering technologies to ensure that our projects are not compromised by disruptions or obsolescence


Our Planning & Design Services will include:


Overview of key design & structural elements, styles, and layout

Concept floor plans & 3D renderings

Analysis of required budget, and associated scope of work

Detailed breakdown of labor and material costs/allowances within the budget

Assistance with material and product selections at the best price

Exterior Renovation

MDA Construction Company will offer a full spectrum of exterior renovation and refurbishment services such as door installation, window replacement, fences and decks for residential and non-residential projects. 

Front Door of a house
Exterior Renovation

We will offer the following renovation solutions:

Hybrid-living solutions

This means to renovate to enable homes to have a dual function and a place in which one can live comfortably and work efficiently).

Designing out waste solutions

This means to identify opportunities to reduce materials use or waste in the current design and implement the best design solutions to address waste disposal issues to comply with waste regulations and increase resource efficiency.

Space-saving solutions

 This means to renovate by combining great design with a space saving product for the bathroom, or whole house.

Personalising space

This means to renovate to fit specialised and personal renovations that suit only the resident's needs. This can include brand new kitchens, real work at home headquarters, tech centres.

Solar Water Heater

Green Remodelling

MDA Construct also offer green remodelling on all its projects – namely to use nontoxic building materials, and making spaces and products more energy and water efficient as much as possible. It will also offer homeowners the option to achieve the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme, to increase the durability of their current property, or increase their homes sale price in a competitive real estate market. We will work with the customer to determine the most cost-effective solutions for achieving their energy efficiency goals. 

Our services will ensure that the homes are made into eco-renovation homes by including the following:

Design for energy efficiency and natural climate control using passive solar design.

Integration of the buildings with the site to maximise sunlight.

Double glazed and insulated homes.

Installation of new, energy efficient heating systems.


 Installation of solar panels on homes to reduce both the citys carbon

footprint and tenants‟ energy bills and Solar water heaters to provide

the bulk of hot water needs.

Building materials and components chosen to minimise embodied

energy content, toxicity and environmental impact, and to maximise

durability and recyclability.

Rainwater collection for household and garden use, and on-site

stormwater and waste water treatment where possible.

The incorporation of other renewable energy technology where appropriate.


In-Slab Floor Heating

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